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Testing Grounds

Artist in Residence: The Caravan

The Caravan is a mobile artist-in-residence space that allows artists to take the studio with them wherever they’d like to go. Set on four wheels; artists, sculptures, filmmakers, writers, painters, dancers, performers and more can use the space however they see fit.

The Caravan is currently in the second stage of development. For the next 4-months, The Caravan will be located at Testing Grounds Market Square where it will remain stationary whilst a different artist each month will take residences in the studio.

During your one month artist in residency, you are expected to use the space with an open door policy, allowing the public to interact and ask questions about the work you are producing. At the end of the residency a public showing on either a Wednesday night or Saturday day is expected.

The Caravan is an artist’s studio.
The Caravan is a film set.
The Caravan is a writer’s desk.
The Caravan is a recording studio.
The Caravan is a theatre.
The Caravan is a blank canvas.