Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

Testing Grounds

Image: Garden of Shatrick, Shatrick, 2018.


Testing Grounds is accepting EOIs for the Testing Nights program. 

Testing Grounds is seeking EOIs from creative practitioners who want to support developing a public art project. On the last Thursday of each month, Testing Grounds will host free creative events for our communities, where creative practitioners can test work-in-development across the outdoor site, for one night only, and receive feedback from generous audiences.

The application process is as simple as submitting an EOI online telling us what you want to develop and we will see if we can help.

As a creative practitioner in this program you will be offered: 

  • outdoor space to test your work, in consultation with Testing Grounds;
  • creative infrastructure including steel  hanging beams, columns which can hold up to 100Kg of dead weight, steel plinths, hanging frames and a range of other exterior materials on site;
  • overhead power accessed from, cable trays and basic lighting;
  • vehicle access for the same-day bump in and bump out;
  • Public Liability Insurance while on-site;
  • online archive listing on the Testing Grounds website;
  • creative practitioner profile through an online mailout and Instagram.


We are looking for Creative Practitioners who:

  • want to test their work-in-development in public and on-site;
  • have projects that are still in development and would benefit from
    being tested on-site and at 1:1
  • can clearly demonstrate what they want to test;
  • are self-reliant and can bump in and out with ease;
  • will contribute an entry to our online archive  about their time on site;
  • want to experiment, rehearse, test, be courageous and are open to the unknown;
  • are open to peer-to-peer critical feedback; 
  • are generous spirits who want to be a part of a community.

Applications are rolling and we generally program between 4 weeks- 6 months.

Image: Sleep Sound, Oliver Moir, 2018.

Get in touch

If you are interested in using Testing Grounds please submit this form and we will get back to you ASAP. If you have any questions you can email us at testing-grounds@theprojects.com.au and we are very happy to point you in the right direction.

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