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Testing Grounds

Tag: Performance

Performed by Lewis Egan, tech and production by Mike Hart
13-16 Jun 2024
Booking RequiredPerformance
18 May 2024
Booking RequiredInstallationPerformanceVideo
SPRING HAS SPRUNG or The Beautiful Show
Pummel Squad
24-28 Apr 2024
Booking RequiredPageantPerformanceTheatre
Autumn Almanac (Live)
Sam, James, Emma & Ruby
15 Mar 2024
Booking RequiredMusicPerformance
Afro Sonic Signifier: Satch Hoyt
Satch Hoyt presented by Liquid Architecture
17 Feb 2024
Booking RequiredMusicPerformance
Sick Rose
Jen Valender
23 Feb 2024
Animal/God — Performance
Tony Yap
24 Nov 2023
Animal/God — Workshop
Tony Yap
16-19 Nov 2023
Ani Zulawnik
20 Oct 2023
Hamish Annan
7-22 Oct 2023
PAP'23PerformancePublic Art Park
1) VOW- The Pedestal Project 2) The Rubbish Collective
Catherine Magill and collaborators
7-22 Oct 2023
InstallationPAP'23PerformancePublic Art Park
Towards The Tonal Centre: a journey through sound
Vivienne Tate
7-22 Oct 2023
AudioPAP'23PerformancePublic Art Park
how is work?
Bea Rubio-Gabriel
7-22 Oct 2023
ActivityInstallationPAP'23PerformancePublic Art Park
Emily Simek, Joy Zhou, a mobile worm farm
7-22 Oct 2023
AudioEventPAP'23PerformancePublic Art ParkTourVideo
The Market Research
Dan Koop
2-23 Sep 2023
EOI(AU) – Eitan Ritz, Ollie Cox & Imogen Cygler
1-30 Sep 2023
FreePerformancePublic ArtResidency
The Liminal Space residency
Harry Haynes, Basil Sikiotis, Tom Richards, Juliette Whitney, Nicholas Moloney, Rachel Lee, Rebekah Carton, Delta Brooks, Miles O'Neil
7-12 Aug 2023
Flesh Cube Collective
13-16 Jul 2023
Put Out
Sophia Cussell & Ethan Morse
1 Jun to 6 Jul 2023
FreePerformancePublic ArtWorkshop
Saturday Experiments: 9
That Changes
1-22 Jul 2023
FreePerformanceProjectionPublic Art
Saturday Experiments: Trance Forms
Tony Yap
3 Jun to 8 Jul 2023
DanceFreePerformancePublic Art
Saturday Experiments: Shower Thots
Jonathan Homsey
13 May to 3 Jun 2023
FreePerformancePublic Art
Met(ric Tonne of Waste) Gala
Fast Fashun
3 May 2023
All AgesFreePerformanceWorkshop
Put Out
Sara Cowdell and Rowand Taylor
12 Feb to 30 Mar 2023
Why Runs The Abhisarika (A performance of picture recitation)
Priyanka Jain
25 Mar 2023
All AgesPerformancePublic Art
This is My Body
Luke Macaronas
8 Feb to 2 Mar 2023
DancePay as you feelPerformanceTheatre
Not as simple as it sounds –concerto–
Curator: Sara Cowdell
1-11 Feb 2023
FreeMidsumma FestivalPerformancePublic Art
House of Fast Fashun
Fast Fashun x Midsumma
14 Jan 2023
All AgesFreeMidsumma FestivalPerformanceWorkshop
The Valerie Hexibition
James Welsby x Midsumma
11 Jan 2023
All AgesExhibitionFreeMidsumma FestivalPerformance
Places of Worship
The Huxleys x Midsumma
25 Jan 2023
All AgesFreeMidsumma FestivalPerformance
Fast Fashun
17 Dec 2022
All AgesArtFreePerformance
Testing Grounds Opening Party
Testing Grounds
26 Nov 2022
All AgesFreeLive musicMarketPerformancePublic Art
The Liminal Space
10-26 Nov 2022
Drag Storytime
The Wheeler Centre
5 Nov 2022
All AgesFreePerformancePublic Art
Public Art Park ’22
Testing Grounds
13-23 Oct 2022
All AgesFreePerformancePublic ArtSculptureWorkshop
Solar Powered Interactive Percussive Robotics
Dylan Martorell
22 Oct 2022
All AgesFreeMelbourne FringePerformancePublic ArtPublic Art Park
DC Style Fylez: DIY Fashion Runway
DC Style Fylez
15 Oct 2022
All AgesFreeMelbourne FringePerformancePublic ArtPublic Art Park
22 Oct 2022
All AgesFreeMelbourne FringePerformancePublic ArtPublic Art Park
Frank & Tomaat Test the Grounds
Iris Elgar and Valentina Emerald
23 Oct 2022
All AgesFreeMelbourne FringePerformancePublic ArtPublic Art Park
Medea was a Milf
Sad Goldfish
9-31 Jul 2022
Testing Grounds Summer Emporium
10 Dec 2021 to 8 Mar 2022
All AgesDance PartyFreePerformanceRegistration Required
Moreland City Band Phoenix Project
26 Feb 2022
All AgesFreePerformance
Roman Tucker Plays The Piano
8 Feb 2022
FreePerformanceRegistration RequiredSummer Emporium
Yo CiTY! Connect
Melbourne Music Week
11 Dec 2021
All AgesFreePerformanceRegistration Required

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