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Tag: Installation

Anthony’s Nose
Olivia Fisher
15-17 Feb 2024
ActivityFreeInstallationPublic ArtSound
Sick Rose
Jen Valender
23 Feb 2024
Disciplines & Mediums
Analiese Fort
11-14 Dec 2023
Robert Croft, Chris Hansen, Mark Cuthbertson, Stephen Oakes
30 Nov 2023
Cameron Ainsworth Hunter
3-10 Nov 2023
InstallationPublic Art
Beneath the pavement, the earth
Billy Zeik Kelleher
7-22 Oct 2023
InstallationPAP'23Public Art Park
Speed Awkward Date
Ana Sanchez
7-22 Oct 2023
ActivityInstallationPAP'23Public Art Park
1) VOW- The Pedestal Project 2) The Rubbish Collective
Catherine Magill and collaborators
7-22 Oct 2023
InstallationPAP'23PerformancePublic Art Park
plane tree plans
Briony Galligan
7-22 Oct 2023
ActivityInstallationPAP'23ProcessPublic Art Park
how is work?
Bea Rubio-Gabriel
7-22 Oct 2023
ActivityInstallationPAP'23PerformancePublic Art Park
Hereditary Symbols
Linda Studena
7-22 Oct 2023
ActivityInstallationPAP'23Public Art Park
Regulatory Nonsense & The Best Laid Plans
Loren Adams
7-22 Oct 2023
DrawingInstallationPAP'23Public Art ParkTalkVideo
Debris Facility Pty Ltd (& Associates)
7-22 Oct 2023
InstallationPAP'23Public Art ParkScrolling ScreenText
7-22 Oct 2023
InstallationPAP'23Public Art Park
Flesh Cube Collective
13-16 Jul 2023
Chris Nichols, Amir Mahdavian & Rachel Iampolski
15 Mar to 17 Apr 2023
InstallationPublic ArtSoundscape
Look Up!
Kate Hunter, with Jem Savage & Rea Dennis
9-24 Mar 2023
ExperienceInstallationPublic Art
For The Blue Of It All
Holly Goodridge, Uswa Qureshi, China Paul
15-23 Feb 2023
All AgesFreeInstallationPublic Art

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