Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

Testing Grounds

We are commissioning a large scale installation for our upcoming three night event ‘Futuropolis’ in early October 2021.

As the centrepiece to the event, it will be installed in the middle of the Testing Grounds site with everything swirling around it – shopping, demonstrations, carnival rides and games, food and drink, music and entertainment. It needs to have presence in a visually noisy site and hold its own space in a bustling atmosphere where the light and sound conditions cannot be controlled.

The Futuropolis event takes inspiration from world fairs, where large structures (like the Eiffel Tower) or renaissance fountains were built in the middle of the ephemeral, fabricated cities. They were used as a focal point for people to marvel at as they walk around and socialise. We are looking for an installation that serves these same functions – but it doesn’t necessarily need to be a fountain or a tower or look like anything similar.

We encourage ideas that might be seen as irreverent, comical, critical of capitalism and colonialism. Think about trade shows, billboards, shopping malls, Christmas trees, town squares and statues. We encourage ideas that centre First Nations, queer or culturally diverse knowledge.

Ideas do not have to be new – if you’ve built it and exhibited it before that is ok! New art is equally great.

We have $5,000 to make the installation (inclusive of your artist fee, superannuation and production costs).

Submit an EOI via the form below. Applications due by Monday 9th of August 11:59pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of COVID restrictions, we are only accepting EOIs from people based in Victoria.

Nicole Breedon, ‘Snow Person’, public art installation at Testing Grounds, 2018


  • 6m x 6m of flat outdoor space maximum
  • 3.2 meters of height maximum
  • 240 volts of power available
  • No control over the surrounding light or sound will be possible (it will be loud)
  • Viewed from 360 degrees

Artists must be based in Victoria.

Hassel, ‘Pause’, 2020

Submit your expression of interest

Give us the big picture idea of your centrepiece installation. Use simple language and give us your best and bold idea. Don’t worry too much about logistics at this point. If we want to progress with your idea we can flesh out the nitty gritty details later. It is outdoors. It will be loud. It is a night market environment.

Upload a sketch, a diagram or a render of your installation.

Email testing-grounds@theprojects.com.au if you need any assistance of have any questions.

Personal details

So we know who you are and how to contact you.

Installation details

What is your centrepiece installation idea, what is involved and why is it interesting?

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These Are The Projects We Do Together, ‘Continously Under Construction: The Pyramid’, 2018