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Testing Grounds

Two weeks

Josh V.E.

27 Mar to 9 Apr 2023ExhibitionFree

Two Weeks is a pitstop on the road of creative practice. Pulling into Testing Grounds, Josh V.E will be presenting a body of work that they have developed over the last eight months.

The installation reflects Josh’s viewpoint as a working-class artist with graffiti sensibilities. Josh is interested in the structures that determine our daily existence. Their research begins in the street where they photograph public marks, like graffiti, and observe the way that streets and other factors dictate movement in the directions of work and commerce. Josh’s work is also informed by current federal government policy and intervention, and how that affects the society and culture we live in. Through their paintings, Josh seeks to understand what structures life and how re-articulating this in different forms can spark conversations on the realities and possibilities of shared existence in the age of extinction.

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