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Testing Grounds

Towards The Tonal Centre: a journey through sound

Vivienne Tate

Saturday 14 October (Performance)12pm – 2pmMeet at the Testing Grounds Outdoor Structure
Saturday 21 October (Performance)12pm – 2pmMeet at the Testing Grounds Outdoor Structure
7 – 22 October (Audio)On loopThrough the Testing Grounds Outdoor Speakers

My project is a journey in sound to seek the Tonal Centre of the Queen Victoria Market site and surrounds.

We hear before we see, yet sight is our dominate sense. Every place has a tonal centre, a constant sonic presence that time shapes through layered histories of use. If we listen closer, what is revealed?

Using field recordings, I built a sonic-scape of the market’s sound-marks. The cool store produces a constant drone, a tonal centre for an embodied musical improvisation on flute. A mobile dialogue with the soundscape, designed to be played onsite and with real time sound.

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