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The PARAsocial Antholozine Vol: 4 Everything’s Uncomfortable

Sean Randolph Bedford Whitlock

20-22 Apr 2023AIAll AgesFree

Unearth 12 Tales & 18 AI Artworks of self-help and fine art lovingly enhanced using the offshore AI dream machine Midjourney. Discover a 12-part deconstruction of discomfort, set across a dozen devious designs detailing our daily difficulties. Peel back 34 pages of self-help meets fine art from the cold, unthinking algorithm of an AI image generator meeting all of our collective woes head on.

Find a vertical slice of our history of discomfort in a landscape of class heroes to the four pillars of everything uncomfortable. Identify the uncomfortable poison in your life, so you know which panacea to find next. Read through a list of everything uncomfortable, see the timeline of discomfort charting further back than the dinosaurs stepping on a Lego brick, and watch out in the kitchen when the four pillars meets recipes for everything uncomfortable, & more.

Come down to a 3-day gallery exhibition, snap up an A3 print of your fave, or grab all of them in a copy of the zine. And stay for the hour+ reel of Midjourney Madness and BLUE BEAST TALES video slideshows from YouTube, brought to you by The PARAnnoyed P.I. (YT: Gredge Grundies) And like always, enjoy.

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