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Testing Grounds


Joy Zhou and Irene Li

We are living in a fast-paced world where signs are designed to get our attention to keep us safe while we are moving around in the city. Yet the effects these signs produce are controlling our everyday behaviour. As an individual living in society, occupying public spaces is sometimes fear inducing, especially for the minorities who are always feeling a lack of agency. THE DE(SIGNS) subverts the use of A-frame caution signs, and rethinks languages and voices existing in the public realm.

About the Artists:
Joy Zhou is an emerging artist and design practitioner whose practice encompasses gestures of queering, which unfold as encounters and events, drawing relationships between people, places, spaces and their overlapping contexts.

Irene Li is a multidisciplinary designer. Her research practice dives into the creative realm that follows the belief that beauty is within the detail.

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