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The Caravan

Oliver Moir & Graem Whyte

23 Feb to 22 Mar 2023DesignFilmMarket Square

The Caravan is an artist’s studio.
The Caravan is a film set.
The Caravan is a writer’s desk.
The Caravan is a recording studio.
The Caravan is a theatre.
The Caravan is a blank canvas. 

The Caravan is a mobile artist-in-residence space that allows artists to take the studio with them wherever they’d like to go. Set on four wheels; artists, sculptures, filmmakers, writers, painters, dancers, performers and more can use the space however they see fit.

The space will be gutted and only left with the essentials. A couch, a small table and an empty shell for artists to reflect, create and refine.

Once completed, the artists-in-residence program will offer a free space for emerging and mid-career artists to explore their art in a different landscape.

For its first iteration, The Caravan will be transformed into a studio for artists to work from. The first group of artists will shoot a short film which will be shown outdoors at Testing Grounds. 

The short film, The Weatherman, follows a young man’s journey to media stardom in the complex digital age.

Step 1: Deliver caravan to site
Step 2: Clean caravan.
Step 3: Plan and design the inside of The Caravan
Step 4: Begin renovations
Step 5: Finish renovations
Step 6: Test – make a short film.

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