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Testing Grounds

Testing Oven

Veronica Tran, Gabriela Garcia, Julia Bertolaso & Sarah Muir-Smith

Testing oven is an experimental wood-fired ceramic kiln, made with brick and comprised of two layers – a food & ceramic chamber, and a fire chamber. The public is invited to make, cook, and bake together, interacting with the Queen Victoria market in various playful ways. Whether it be bringing in homemade dough to bake a pizza, to firing a coiled clay pot, to DIY-ing a toastie from the market next door, the Testing oven will be a home for warmth, play, gathering and small-scale experimentation.

About the Artist:
Veronica Tran is a designer and artist with a background in visual + interaction design — studying Communication Design at RMIT and Design for Emergent Futures at IaaC. She is interested in participatory processes, play, and community, recently building curiosity in local materials, and how that can be weaved into creative practices.

This work is a collaboration between Veronica Tran, Gabriela Garcia, Julia Bertolaso and Sarah Muir–Smith


14 October 2022 – workshop at Testing Grounds
22 October 2022 – workshop at Testing Grounds
23 October 2022 – workshop at Testing Grounds

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