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Andy Miller & Saskia Schut

How do we approach significant ecological change, and what practices do we need to engage for living together more sensitively in a more-than-human world?

This three-hour facilitated drawing workshop at Testing Grounds QVM and Flagstaff Gardens introduces participants to contemporary ecological thought through art, design and scientific practices. It aims to help us sense, imagine, visualise, and advocate for more sensitive approaches to designing and inhabiting our cities.

The workshop includes a walk, a talk by an ecologist at Flagstaff Gardens, and meditative drawing exercises. Participants will imagine how all creatures, as well as water, air, soils, bacteria, insects, birds, and their own bodies and desires (amongst others) are interrelated in an infinitely complex and entangled ecology – a superorganism.

By bringing attention to the non-human world, this drawing workshop considers whose stories we tell, what histories and futures we foreground and how we might tell alternative stories to shape new futures.

In the afternoon at Testing Grounds QVM, Andy Miller and Saskia Schut will transpose ideas from the morning workshop into a superorganism drawing experiment using textiles, plant inks, and dyes.

No previous drawing experience or ecological knowledge is required.

• Workshop: 21 October, 10am – 1pm
• Meet at Testing Grounds
• Accessibility: workshop involves walking to Flagstaff Gardens.
• Drawing materials are provided
• Cost: This is a free event
• Booking: Please book your free tickets using the link below.

Bookings are essential as there are limited spaces available for the workshop.

What to Bring:
• Headphones and mobile phone if you have them (this is not essential)
• Waterbottle, hat and sunscreen

About the Artists:
Dr Andy Miller is a practice-based design researcher and academic in the School of Architecture and Urban Design at RMIT. His feel-think practice explores alternative ways of making for living and being in a more-than-human world.

Saskia Schut’s creative research works at the intersection of art and landscape architecture. Employing sensory, collective and site-based methods to reimagine ways in which design can address the complexities of a rapidly changing climate.

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