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SPRING HAS SPRUNG or The Beautiful Show

Pummel Squad

24-28 Apr 20248:00pm to 9:00pmBooking RequiredPageantPerformanceTheatre

When beautiful people cry, do they cry beautiful tears?

This is of course a trick question, beautiful people do not cry, they have nothing to cry about, for they are beautiful.

Spring Has Sprung is the 918th Beautiful Convention to cure World Ugliness. This year our two competitors; Dr Fergus Fantastic and Dr Waldo Wonderful, will each have the opportunity to unveil their contributions to the world of beauty. Join your host, the gorgeous, Hamish Gorgeous as we delve into the glamorous world of Goodlookingness. 


April 24, 20248pm – 9pm
April 25, 2024
8pm – 9pm
April 26, 2024
8pm – 9pm
April 27, 20248pm – 9pm
April 28, 20248pm – 9pm

‘SPRING HAS SPRUNG’ is Pummel Squads brilliant new work of theatre that goes bursting bonkers on stage soon. Beauty, beautiful robots and eccentric looking scientists with colourful personalities; you will smile, you will scream with delight and you will weep sweet tears of ecstasy. Come and see the pageant to end all pageants for once this one be won none maybe ever be won again.

Pummel Squad are an emerging theatre collective comprised of Ludomyr Kemp-Mykyta, Harry McGee and Cooper Donald McDonald. Pummel Squad centres experimentation, ambition and a sense of humour at the core of their practice.

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