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Testing Grounds

Solar Active

Lauren Simmonds

Solar active is a free standing sculpture which responds directly to the natural UV light present during the day. Through this work Lauren Simmonds aims to explore light and reveal the unseen beauty in our natural world. This work playfully highlights our connection to the universe and each other.

About the Artist:
Lauren Simmonds’ practice crosses drawing, sculpture, installation, choreography and performance. She often uses her body as a medium to traverse these art forms. Previous works have taken the form of immersive kinetic installations that are part performance and part sculpture. Lauren works with everyday materials which she activates in playful ways to change their inherent qualities. She works with unpredictability and chance to challenge and push her body and her ideas beyond their perceived capacity thus transmuting their original form. By relinquishing control in her work she aims to reach a place of neutrality and collaboration. This process is assisted by working with ephemeral and fragile materials such as light, paper, plastics, and other natural and man-made items.

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