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Slow Park

Chaco Kato

The Slow Park installation is set for everyone who comes and passes by the Public Art Park in the heart of the city of Melbourne. A number of hammock and Noren-screen will be installed on-site, providing a small oasis space. Please feel free to have a small nap, meditate, read a book or just be hikikomori for a while. There will be numerous plants above the hammock which will make you happy and peaceful even more. The artist will be there sometime to keep working on site. Join for the creation as well!

About the Artist:
Chaco Kato is an interdisciplinary artist working across sculpture, drawing, large public installations and community-based projects. Collaboration and negotiation are crucial tenets of her work, with collective actions and communal discourse often performing as the primary material of her work. She is Japanese-born and currently working in Wurundjeri Country.

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