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Shroud of Remembrance

Larissa Linnell and Eva Abbinga

Threadwork (Larissa Linnell and Eva Abbinga)
Silk, cotton

Shroud of Remembrance draws attention to violence against women in public places and the broader gendered experience of safety in public environments.  We have developed collaborative art projects focused on experiences of women over the past several years. In doing so, we have often reflected on our experiences of escaping uncomfortable and high risk situations – sexual harassment, intimidation and moments of fear, especially when walking alone or travelling with strangers. We acknowledge that we still feel unsafe walking around parts of the city – a feeling reinforced by the all too regular reporting on acts of extreme violence against women in public. 

In 2014 Renea Lau was attacked, raped and murdered on the Kings Domain, close to the Shrine of Remembrance. It was late Autumn in the early hours of the morning and she was walking to work.

We want to engage with the theme of gendered safety in public space, and the community responses to acts of violence. We began this project by organising small groups of embroidery workshops to reflect on these issues and to collectively begin the process of making an embroidered artwork. 

Many people have contributed embroidered leaves onto silk: high school students, senior citizens, LGBTQIA+ community members, cis women and men, friends and friends of friends. We hope that artmaking and shared reflection will keep conversations going, and especially remember all the women that have been lost to violence.

Thank you to everyone for participating and supporting this project.


Julia Abbinga
Leesa Abbinga
Liz Abbinga
Lior Albeck-Ripka
Penny Beeston
Lizzie Beeston
Alyssa Davis
Dina Deshin
Oksana Donaghey
Ashley Evans

Bruna Evans
Cecilia Dowling
Pia Herbert
Val Kolody  
Julia Kwas
Anne Linnell
Luda Melnychuk
Megan Miller
Kirrily Noonan 
Deirdre O’Brien

Larissa Radion
Sophie Rofhan
Catalina Sinclair
Romy Sedman
Anne Tregear
Catherine Tipping
Val Wasil
Me Cheng Yip
Caulfield Grammar Student Art Committee

Thank you for the financial support for this project:

Creative Victoria
City of Melbourne
Collingwood Yards
Public Art Park ’22

About the Artists:
Larissa Linnell and Eva Abbinga – Threadwork – have collaborated over the past several years in community-led projects exploring issues of gendered experience, including violence against women in public spaces, and institutional treatment of women in medical settings. Their community-created textile work is reflective, inviting and engaging, with a focus on community involvement in shared artmaking and story-telling.

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