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Shaping the World With Urban Activation, Public Arts and Placemaking

Jingwen (Jina) He

23 May 20236:00pm#MDW23FreeResearchTalks

One way to better and shape the city is through urban activation, public arts and placemaking. Public spaces and civic spaces are designed for people to access freely with a powerful asset in storytelling and to reach broader communities on daily basis.

Designers and public program creative teams have successfully developed projects that shaped the city and urban network from various angles and perspectives. This event is to examine and navigate city shaping and designing through the lens of public arts and placemaking and activation as the invited guests will contribute their knowledge in creating public artworks and unveil their thinking on placemaking and movements. This event aims to share with the public successful examples in shaping the city, behind the scene stories and to learn from other experts’ perspectives of making. Through the initiatives of placemaking, urban activation and public arts, it is making the city better and making design accessible.

Join a panel discussion with experts that have been involved in placemaking and delivering projects that have successfully created an impact.

Further exploration on this topic will take place in engaging the public to co-create temporary public work to prove the power of placemaking and activation. The public could also find and scan created posters around the city which will lead them through sharing thoughts and ideas about city shaping. This data will be collected and then showcased in public spaces.

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