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Roman Tucker Plays The Piano

Front-man of legendary rock band Rocket Science, Roman Tucker is making a video concert of this solo music. You are invited to be part of the audience in this video and help him make something special. Tucker will play the piano in the unique surrounds of the Testing Grounds Summer Emporium, regaling tales of his life and career. At the heart of this night is a story of trauma, recovery and the healing power of music.

Imagine waking from a coma and being told that you are Roman Tucker. Imagine finding out that you started playing punk music from the age of ten in Royal Flush, and that you would later become a pivotal figure in the history of Australian rock and roll, fronting legendary band Rocket Science—once described by Rolling Stone Magazine as ‘the greatest live band in the world.’ Imagine hearing your music again for the first time and being told that you would have to be back on tour in three months. Roman Tucker doesn’t need to.

After completing that tour, Roman Tucker recovered from his post-traumatic amnesia and extended his artistic talents across film, television, theatre, dance and prose. He continues to front Rocket Science; performs in Little Desert and Checkout; and is currently working on a debut solo album and a debut novel. One can only imagine what is next for Roman Tucker.

— Dean Anthonisz

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