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Testing Grounds

Regulatory Nonsense & The Best Laid Plans

Loren Adams

Every day (The Best Laid Plans)7amOn the ground in the Testing Grounds Outdoor Structure
Friday 13 October (Talk)3pmOn the ground in the Testing Grounds Outdoor Structure

What if building and planning regulations were written by poets, storytellers, linguistic tricksters? In this final iteration of Regulatory Nonsense, the notoriously prescriptive Victorian Better Apartment Design Standards (BADS) are re-written by a glitchy linguistic bot trained with James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. Like Joyce, BADSBot lingers at the threshold of comprehensibility, offering us clauses that are poetic, ambiguous, and nonsensically cyborgian to put the FUN in our (Section 3: Dwelling Amenity, Guidance to) FUNctional layout.

Meanwhile, in The Best Laid Plans, apartment floorplans from nearby real estate listings are marked out at 1:1 with temporary linework in a daily morning ritual of regulatory inscription, translation, and abstraction. These are the best and the baddest pre-BADS and BADS-compliant builds in our city.

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