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Reclaiming City: Assemblage and The Art of Adhocism in a Disposable World

Alessia Latina

17 Jul to 22 Aug 2023Public ArtResidency

By embracing the principles of assemblage thinking and reimagining the value of discarded waste and existing materials, the project aims to challenge conventional perspectives and inspire new ways of perceiving, to experience, and engaging with objects and the spaces they inhabit. Rather than focusing on creating static and purely aesthetic art objects, the project aims to construct living and dynamic assemblages using waste materials and readily available resources. These assemblages serve as catalysts for meaningful conversations and dialogues around topics such as upcycling, waste management, and environmental care.

Through this practice of making, the project seeks to disrupt the prevailing negative narrative and harmful associations attached to waste. By showcasing the accessibility of creativity, upcycling, and ad-hoc making to the public, it aims to transform the perception of waste and promote its potential for repurposing and re-imagination. The project offers a tangible and engaging way for individuals to participate in sustainable practices actively and encourages a shift towards more mindful and environmentally conscious behaviours.

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