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Pride At Play

Xavier Ho, Remedios Perez Escobar & Natalie Tran

Pride at play is a celebration of queer indie games — video games made by and for LGBTQIA+ folk. This public artwork visualises joyful and sometimes surprisingly emotional feedback from players to queer game designers.

About the Artists:
Xavier Ho is an interdisciplinary creative technologist, designer, researcher, and visualisation specialist at Monash University. He received the CSIRO Medal for Diversity and Inclusion, and was a finalist for the Victorian Premier Design Awards. His research project – Visualising Queer Indie Games – examines authentic representations of gender and sexuality in games.

Remedios Perez Escobar is a strategist designer with a background in social innovation and corporate problem-solving. Through her applied design thinking work, she actively seeks to understand motivations that drive a need. Her multidisciplinary training in design and technology empowers her to create a wide range of human-centred solutions with a focus on designing for social needs. She approaches problems and solves them with art, in any of its forms.

Natalie Tran is a student currently studying a double degree of Information Technology and Communication Design at Monash University. She specialises in UXUI design and is interested in learning about research and data visualisation at a deeper level. She has deep appreciation for video games and the ways players interact with them and how they present experiences. Natalie also has passion for illustration and enjoys drawing and posting art online in her spare time.

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