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Testing Grounds

Post Traumatic Growth

Denisse Sandoval

1 Oct to 19 Nov 2023Residency

Right before the lockdown, Denisse separated from her partner and became a single mother. During the pandemic, stuck at home and suffering very bad mental health, Denisse began to realise that she may have PTSD and CPTSD. Surprisingly, and seemingly out of no-where, she spent a hectic week during the lockdown creating 7 collages at the same time. Later she realised that this artistic outburst was a burst of post-traumatic growth. She began a healing journey that has transformed her way of viewing the world and shifted her emotional state from that of reacting to responding. Art was a major part of this healing. She is now showing her collages at Testing Grounds and offering a workshop on collage, as well as a public talk about healing PTSD with art-collage.

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