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Testing Grounds

Pollinate Ensemble

Chris Burgess, Harley Hefford, Anatolia Karteras, Louise Krstic, Scout Hook, Mella Gardner, Sarah Nagorcka & Luke Thomas

27 May 2023

We would love to invite you to the first ever presentation by Pollinate Ensembles, three experimental and performative happenings on Sat 27 May.

Each of the works are an expression of the inquiry which a group of 8 of us have been sitting in for the last 8 weeks, considering such questions as:

– What is my personal story, and how does it interact with others’ stories and stories of ‘Australia’ ?
– When am I able to share most honestly, and when do I apply some level of armour to protect myself?
– How ‘real’ is it possible to be in public?
– If it feels so liberating to be vulnerable, why do we stop ourselves from doing this?
– What are the stories we tell about ourselves? perhaps that we don’t even realise?
– How can we make theatre more transformative and alive for both the audience, and the performer?

Each of the three pieces are a semi-improvised offering, which will include the option of participatory elements for the audience, and hope to invite the audience into some of these questions with us for a moment.

POPCORN – Sat 27 May, 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Testing Grounds Market Square

A grid of performers define the rules and then follow them, responding to anything which might be spoken on the microphone. The microphone remains available for personal individual sharing, as well as one-on-one interviews. How is the public distinct from the private?

SHARESHAME – Sat 27 May, 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Testing Grounds Emporium

A vulnerability variety hour, as various stage images emerge of both restraint and unbridled honesty. Moments for the audience to eat popcorn, embrace the role of voyeur and comment upon the action which just unfolded. How would it feel to share without shame?

REALRAVE – Sat 27 May, 9pm – 10pm

Testing Grounds Emporium

A Brene Brown Ted Talk interspersed with beats provides the soundtrack to a safe space, or perhaps even a brave space to discuss story, honesty and meaning, and reflect upon the previous work. What self do we embody when we’re invited to be real?

Book beforehand – Tickets are $10 for all three works. Some of this money will go to production costs and the rest used to create a scholarship to allow someone to attend a future Pollinate series for lower cost.

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