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Testing Grounds


Mark du Potiers

Sometimes our public spaces are intentionally designed to be unfriendly and unwelcoming. Grey; sharp; harsh; cold; flat … these designs seek to guide, deter, or shape the behaviours of how we use these spaces. Who decides which people are meant to be included or excluded in our community (through its infrastructure)?

OFFENSIVE ARCHITECTURE attempts to put a wrinkle in these strategies of ‘defensive architecture’. Some parts of our cityscape are about to be zhushed-up with bright yellow ‘clothing’: You are welcome to come play, stay, and interact with a different sort of street furniture … but will you be allowed to smile?

About the Artist:
Mark du Potiers is a Meanjin/Brisbane sculptor, utilising soft material and interactive space to negotiate cultural identity, anxiety, queerness, and ideas of shifting perspectives. Mark navigates complexities of his Australian, Hongkonger, and Chinese heritage. He also advocates for diversity in media representation and inclusion, and accessible pathways toward good mental health.

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