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Melbourne Gig Workers Meetup

Andrew Copolov

8-14 May 20231:00pm to 7:00pmFreeMeetupResearch

With Deliveroo having recently announced its departure from Australia, now more than ever, those doing app-based gig work need support. What this event is intended to offer is a space in which food delivery riders and gig workers can come together, meet one another, and feel supported.

By providing free access to food and drinks, relevant information, phone chargers, and other amenities, this event is intended to gather support – and demonstrate a need – for a permanent gig workers hub in Melbourne’s CBD. Gathering support also means engaging the general public by informing people about the experiences of gig workers. To this end, the event will involve gathering information from gig workers about how the city could best support their needs and desires.

The first iteration of this event was delivered in conjunction with the City of Melbourne, Monash University, the Transport Workers Union, the Young Workers Centre, and St Kilda Bike Kitchen.

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