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Testing Grounds

MEga Yoga

Jessica Tanto

1 Jun to 30 Sep 2023Live: Ambient AudioPublic Art

Jessica Tanto is an emerging artist and facilitator based in Naarm. They grew up in the heavily religious and spiritual landscape of Jakarta. Jessica started to join yoga classes and use well-being products in 2018 and recently became a certified yoga teacher.

Through creating a fake yoga lineage called MEga Yoga, Jessica explores the discomfort and uncanny feelings they experience in the wellness industry. The imaginary MEga Yoga lineage comprises several components including fake yoga classes and yoga merchandise. The current version of MEga Yoga in Testing Grounds uses the language of an online guided meditation audio and New Age chanting to communicate MEga Yoga’s core value: that you are the most important person on earth and essentially better than everyone else.

Music producer and vocalist: Jeremee Bautista

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