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Market Full of Dreams

Matthew Fung

14-18 Jun 2023FreePublic Art

‘Market full of Dreams’ is a journey through the folds of memory and representation of Matthew’s complex relationship with space and time as a first generation Australian growing up in a fruit and vegetable shop in an immigrant community. Matthew will reconstruct an architectural blueprint of the shop through memory excavation and create a makeshift display suite that is a reflection of the ‘place’ inhabited from childhood years through to adolescence, the impressions created exists between personal memory, imagination and reality. 

This first phase is in the form of an advertisement of the project displayed as a billboard. The project deceives the viewers in its format that it is selling a future prospect, the new ‘Australian dream’, yet it is an excavation into the past of a parallel ‘Australian dream’. The project stitches together Matthew’s notion of belonging, home and identity.

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