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Testing Grounds

Hurricane Drop

Malvika Satelkar

This Hurricane Drop iteration, specifically dedicated to the beautiful unknowns of the Yarra Yarra River. Bending that time when the Yarra was drained during the GOLD Rush.

This drop in the ocean belongs to
numerous unknowns
Underwater unknowns,
Unknowns so wonderful,
Letting us breath 
Breathing this world,
Breathing the Love 
Love that’s unknown,
Unconditional and Abundant..
The world is a drop
there is a drop in the ocean
or is there an Ocean in the drop!?
Sounds like to answer that
you should step inside for once..
Hug the Hurricane of the Ocean
And tell me ~
Can we be resistant to this Hurricane!?
Can we take care of the Hurricane!?

About the Artist:
Malvika Satelkar was made in (Mumbai + Goa) India and is being refined in this sacred country. Creating art and architecture that works with and for the environment. For Malvika, giving the human and non-human community beautiful experiences through how they engage with the work and what they take with them is a form of love created through art.

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