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Testing Grounds

How Will I Remember

Ming Liew

Exhibition opening hours:  Wednesday to Saturday, 10 pm — 5 pm

Closing event: Wednesday, 21 June, 6 pm — 8 pm

Ever since I created the essay film “HOW WILL I REMEMBER,” I have struggled to gather enough courage to watch it. Facing my own work is, in a way, facing my past—a past I would rather not remember. By exhibiting the work, I find myself in an awkward position where I am obligated to present my show and be confronted by my film and my past. Why not take this as an opportunity to observe and examine, in real time, how the past manifests in the present and finds its way into my creative practice?

“HOW WILL I REMEMBER” (ver.2) is an image-making experiment that examines the act of image-making and its relation to memory and identity. Over the course of two weeks, I will confront my past by watching the essay film I previously created. Through this process, I aim to fabricate new narratives using my photographic archive, with the intention of cultivating new insights into how memory affects my identity and creative practice.

About the Artist

Ming Liew is an emerging lens-based artist and filmmaker based in Naarm (Melbourne). His practice draws inspiration from his Chinese-Australian bicultural background, combining auto-ethnographical research and visual storytelling to examine and convey the migrant experience in contemporary Australia. Through his thought-provoking video and photo-based artworks, Ming accentuates the paradoxes between lived experience and socio-cultural expectations, eliciting a deeper cultural understanding and advocating for positive social change.

Ming holds a Master of Fine Art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Previously working as an architect, Ming holds a Master in Architecture from Tsinghua University and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Canberra. Ming has exhibited his work in group exhibitions and screenings in Melbourne since 2022, including the Bunjil Place outdoor screening program and the Blindside DEBUT, and has been recognised with various awards such as the NAVA Ignition Prize and the RMIT Dean’s Awards for Academic Excellence. Currently, Ming is a resident at the ACMI-X graduate residency program.

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