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how is work?

Bea Rubio-Gabriel

Saturday 21 October12pm – 2pmMeet me at my desk and confession booth in the Testing Grounds Outdoor Structure

“how is work?” takes a conversation as performance. Conversation as a form of rebellion, as the starting point for communities yet to be made.

This piece invites workers (all workers) to partake in an open conversation/discussion/presentation/storytime/vent about their work. There is a confession booth provided for your own anonymity and safety.

Against the backdrop of labour movements across our creative industries (locally and globally) this piece hopes to break through the film that separates our discrete/eet movements and the silence that cuts through integrated mobilisation. We will come together to openly discuss ‘how is work?’ in order to explore how we survive.

The performance will be followed by a communal painting session provided with food and snacks from the Queen Victoria Market.

Please direct any questions to bfr.gab@gmail.com

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