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Hands On Isolation

Panic Room Gallery

30 Apr 20223:00pm to 7:00pmAll AgesCraftFree
Billy Barton

‘Hands on Isolation’ illustrates a shift in the Melbourne art scape that came about through lockdown; the resurfacing of craft and a return to making things by hand. It celebrates a visual language that was forged out of necessity allowing each maker to catch a break, enjoy and connect. At its simplest it is art making peeled back to its community roots, where creating for one another can be seen as a way of connecting or holding space for those who weren’t physically close to us. ‘Hands on Isolation’ showcases a variety of work from eight local creatives, including oil paintings, illustrations, ceramics, floral arrangements and handmade bags.

Rose Gordon

Panic Room is a pop-up, outdoor exhibition space that serves to fill a gap for those looking for inclusive, experimental creative spaces to showcase new work. Nothing is perfect in Panic Room; it’s all about working it out as we go and learning together, connecting people and seeing what we can make, while we can, and when the weather allows us!

This Saturday 30th April from 3pm to 7pm at Testing Grounds Emporium.

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