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Gudskul Knowledge Market

Gudskul Collective for Collective Polyphony Festival

For Collective Polyphony Festival, Gudskul will present (via live video link) an artist talk followed by Knowledge Market, the latest iteration of a knowledge-sharing and mapping module that was conceived as a tool to explore forms of collectivizing know-how through direct practice. Compressed both spatially and temporally, the project extends from ongoing work within the context of Jakarta to workshops organized at Testing Grounds, Melbourne.

In a loosely defined process, Gudskul invites strangers to meet and share what they consider to be ‘knowledge’ by playing the roles of both teacher and student in a quick to-and-fro. The newly formed pair must then couple with another pair, forming a temporary collective. Gudskul has designed a ‘tool’ to enable participants to record this process for themselves.

About Gudkul (est. 2022)

Gudskul is an educational knowledge-sharing platform formed in 2018 by three Jakarta-based collectives: Ruangrupa, Serrum, and Grafis Huru Hara. Gudskul sincerely believes in sharing and working together as two vital elements in developing Indonesian contemporary art and culture. 

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