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Testing Grounds

Frank & Tomaat Test the Grounds

Iris Elgar and Valentina Emerald

You’ve seen us in your dreams, you’ve seen us in your heart. You’ve seen us in the city, you’ve seen us in the park. This something Sunday day, your delightful dance dreams come true. For a freaky fresh five hours we will prance and dance for you. Shedding our skin we try new fashion, performing for crowds is our greatest passion. So come on down for some or all of the five hours as we pour our heart and soul into performance please come this has taken up so much time and we are pretty tired. Anyway, hip hip hooray! Frank and Tomaat will brighten your day! Xoxo

About the Artists:
Frank & Tomaat are the alter egos of dance artists Valentina Emerald (Frank) and Iris Elgar (Tomaat). The duo has a weekly performance practice that activates public spaces in bizarre ways. They are intrigued by unexpected pairings of costuming, music and movement, utilising this to disrupt the mundane. Follow @frankandtomaat on Instagram.

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