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Cameron Ainsworth Hunter

The ace of cups drawing is an ink drawing from my reimagining of the tarot, it is my experimental vision of the ryder-waite card that depicts a chalice, a symbol of the vessel that is the subconscious mind, overflowing with steams of water that represent the intuition and the senses that flow as through the subconscious mind. the ace of cups generally symbolises love, intuition, and creativity.

The drawing of the death card is another ink drawing from my reimagining of the tarot.

The Death card depicts a hooded skeleton riding a horse, the skeleton, a Memento Mori, that represents the inevitable death of the body, but reminds us there is some essence that remains long past the bodys decomposition. the skeleton bears a flag depicting a rose, a symbol of beauty and immortality. the death card reminds us that death is not just about endings, but also beginnings. it symbolises birth and rebirth, transformation and metamorphosis.

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