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Testing Grounds

For The Blue Of It All

Holly Goodridge, Uswa Qureshi, China Paul

Blue is political.

It is the total submission to emotion, to irrational and inexplicable desire, to an obsession which is maybe seen as unadult-like – but in fact, is very adult in its queer and careful attention and devotion.

It is connection. It is a friend gifting you something they don’t quite get, but they get that it speaks to You, and it is a vessel within which lies their love for you.

Blue is the bower bird collecting the detritus of heedless humans, heeding it, moulding it, and creating something worth beholding.

For The Blue Of It All is a soft sculpture installation combining both made and found blue objects. Ceramic vessels, jewelry, clothing, and other knickknacks will be engulfed by a 1.5m recreation of a nest made of recycled fabrics. Participants are encouraged to look, explore and touch the elements in the environment as they reflect on what the colour blue means to them. 

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