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Testing Grounds

Exhibition: One / One

Lilly Skipper & Finn Stewart

27 Oct to 3 Nov 202212:00pm to 12:00pmAll AgesFreePublic ArtResidencyStudio

This Saturday, Testing Grounds Market Square invites past residents Lilly Skipper and Finn Stewart to showcase the result of a 3-month site specific residency.

Launch: 12pm – 2pm, Saturday 29th October

Through observing and gathering materials on location, Lilly and Finn engage in a dialogue between a site and its inhabitants. Their site-specific process invites audiences to inadvertently participate in the art-making process- gleefully disrupting daily routines and opening doors to creativity through everyday action. The applicant’s past works have embraced fruit as an; animistic, emotive, temporal, and delicious material- making the market an ideal context to further explore fruits’ both coherent and juxtaposed relation to the categorisation of industrial structures and objects in space, and in extension, sculpture as place.

Both artists contemplate the relationship between a site and its inhabitants, observing and reacting to programmes and materials on location. Both artists seek a collaborative space to execute evolving ideas surrounding the public realm as an alternative exhibition platform.

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