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Lilly Skipper

Eeeeeee contemplates e-scooters as objects of ‘public waste’ in regard to their multiplicity and treatment – ‘littered’, dumped, disposed of – in contrast to their careful curation by e-scooter maintenance individuals. 

Lilly Skipper negotiates their means to ‘serve’ the public, by prompting a new form of intervention and given function to the scooters. Rather, the public utilise the scooters as ‘tools’ with mechanisms for making. Considering their purpose being to provide transit from point A-B, point B takes the form of an artistic outcome. 

The performance may grow to a scale of scooters beyond control, activating interactivity exceeding the participation of already partaking individuals. The action in riding and aligning the scooters in a specific formation will be quickly undone by the public. This chain of engagement contemplates e-scooter engagement as a – today – necessity, whilst also opposing their functional attempts in sustaining orderly, usually clean presentation along the cityscape. 

Ultimately, the participants riding the e-scooters appropriate the role of the e-scooter maintenance staff, who charge and curate the scooters in ‘hot spots’, often unseen. The obviousness and elevation of the e-scooter curation contradicts their linear formation. The alternate, final orchestration seeks to disturb maintenance attempts in keeping streets clean and tidy of these platforms-on-two-wheels.

About the Artist:
Lilly Skipper (she/her) is a third year Fine Art (Visual Art) student studying at Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne. Lilly explores the public realm as an alternate platform for exhibition; works taking on forms of temporal installation and actions both adhering to and in attempt to disrupt public maintenance patterns and authorities of authorship and occupancy. Lilly’s impulsive interventions imply a series of live decision makings.

12-1pm, 16 October 2022, Testing Grounds

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