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Distribution Forum: Independent and alternative libraries in Naarm

Melbourne Art Library

What power dynamics are at play in the distribution of information? How democratic is ‘collective’ knowledge? And how are individuals and collectives disrupting the flow of information?

The Distribution forum series prods, unravels, makes-visible, and excites non-mainstream ways of information sharing. Engaging publishers, editors, and alternative institutions, the series explores active projects in Naarm/Melbourne that question the traditional flow of information.

Join Melbourne Art Library and Another World Library as we discuss the role of independent and alternative public libraries.

Supported by City of Melbourne Arts Grants.

Melbourne Art Library is a not-for-profit lending library that collects specialised art and design texts. Our reading room in the Testing Grounds Emporium in Naarm/Melbourne’s CBD is open four days a week. We are proudly independent and are curious about what being a ‘library’ means.

Another World is a library and research project for imagining socially and ecologically sustainable futures in community. The library is focused on theory, poetry, and fiction that opens up possibilities for radical change. AW has previously been in residence at Bus projects, Watch This Space Gallery, and Arts Gen, and has run multiple workshop series on utopian and speculative theory and fiction. The Utopian Visions Research Collective has developed as an offshoot of the AW Utopian Visions workshops, with the group meeting regularly to learn together and think about possibilities for the future, through writing, excursions, readings, art, and film.

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