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Testing Grounds

De and Re

Finn Stewart & Lilly Skipper

31 May to 30 Jul 2023FreePublic ArtResearchResidency

De and Re are prefixes that transform words into new words. These two little words that we place before other words seem to change their meaning into polar opposites. Form is Deformed or is Reformed. However, by Deforming, are we Reforming? Whether De or Re is subtractive or additive is not clear. The similarity of these prefixes is their capacity to change.

Lilly and Finn are investigating the complexity of De and Re as they prompt material and immaterial performances that instigate change in their environment. Their materials and objects are in flux, as De and Re pursue but expectedly fail to exhaust the possibilities of assemblage, function and public exchange. The artists interventions comment on tensions of routine via the simple gestures of De-ing and Re-ing; objects and spaces, materials and actions.

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