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DC Style Fylez: DIY Fashion Runway

DC Style Fylez

DC Style Fylez: DIY Fashion Runway is a fashion runway show featuring garments designed and constructed by DC. DC is a colourful fashionista and host of The DC Style Fylez – an almost popular but under the radar video fashion blog on YouTube. In the video episodes of the DC Style Fylez, DC solves viewer fashion dilemmas. All of the outfits in this runway show have been made to solve a fashion dilemma posed by a member of the public. These garments have been purpose-built using recycled clothing and DIY techniques. They feature bright colours, bold silhouettes and shimmery sequins. DC will be present to narrate the catwalk show and provide the story of each garment. There will be a musical performance by 8Yorks to accompany the show.

About the Artist:
The DC Style Fylez is a video fashion blog hosted by DC – a fashionista who solves viewer fashion dilemmas. The DC Style Fylez has been exhibited in art galleries as video installations alongside performances such as styling booths and runway shows. Episodes can be viewed on YouTube and at thedcstylefylez.com

15 October 2022, 12pm-2pm at Testing Grounds

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