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Testing Grounds



Positing a gift-giving of the self; our own body’s fleshly humility is given away. 

As an esoteric order, inveigling the curious and bewildered passers-by alike with strange, uncanny encounters of celebration and comfort — sunflowers become torches, staves, whips and weapons. Counting in foreign languages, amplified breaths, voices and tongues harmonised with music boxes; haunting the haunted architecture of a built environment ignorant of its ascensions and descents. Mnemonic ghostings embodying a Sisyphean melancholic hope bursting indifferent bubbles or the spectacles of happenstance apathy.

About the Artists:
ROARAWAR FEARTATA are a real-playtime-based-interactual-live-immerciful-performancapist-asocialinsituational art theatre established in 2003 by Benjamin Cittadini and Craig Peade. As well as text based performances in theatres and performance interventions in galleries and curated art spaces, their work has primarily been concerned with site-specific performance tests, explorations and residencies in public spaces.

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