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Rhys Cousins

1 Oct to 30 Nov 2023Residency

During his artist-in-residence, Rhys Cousins will be testing a public project within Testing Grounds titled CTRL.

CTRL. the command shorthand for control is a public project to study the role of screens (LED/LCD) in the urban landscape and explore new experiential opportunities using this technology as a medium. The industry of media, marketing, and advertising in their abundant use of this technology reinforce and encourage desired patterns and habits of public behaviour.

The role of the screen in the urban realm will be challenged in several ways: a) through the habitual or prescribed behaviour of the people to the media, e.g. to sit, stand and view from a distance, b) in its embedded associations with and for marketing and advertising, and c) its perceived use as an object which conveys visual information, whether as image or as video/film.

The residency will be an opportunity for Cousins to research and on the test project CTRL., as it develops over the weeks and ruminate on his personal practice with this media and new avenues of working it has opened, and where it could lead.

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