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DIRT Artlab

We are in a period of global socio-environmental collapse. Our practice provides a new way to imagine the future, away from the fantasy of unending materialistic growth, towards a reverence for nature. This eco-futurist work combines a number of emerging art practices, bio-art, contemporary design
and social commentary.

Our collective, DIRT Artlab, will collect organic waste from QVM stalls and
“hot-compost” it in a public art installation. Hot-composting uses organic materials
to speed up the composting process, reducing it from months to just 18 days. The hot-compost box will be presented as the centerpiece and invite the public to commune with the natural process. The nutritious soil will be shared with the community at the project’s end, people will be invited to plant a seed and take it home.

DIRT Artlab are located at F Shed 23 (Peel St end) and are open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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