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Testing Grounds

Black Diasporas

2-10 Dec 202210:00am to 4:00pm

Black Diasporas Naarm Melbourne 2022:  For decades stories written about people of African heritage have perpetuated the tropes of nefarious ‘gang members’ and ‘extremely successful outliers’. What is most dangerous about these narratives is the ways in which it distorts self-perception.  

The Black Diasporas Naarm Melbourne exhibit and digital platform (Blackdiasporas.com) documents a more nuanced take, 456 experiences from 42 individuals of African ancestry living in this city, a wide range of stories, everything from the joy of child-birth,  mundaneness of catching trams, effects of racial stereotyping, and loss of life.

Referencing African oral narrative, we hear individuals voice their personal experiences. The project is a collaboration by 75 community members.

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