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Awkward Giraffe’s Carnival of Critical Comedy

Awkward Giraffe

11-12 Nov 202312:00pm to 8:00pmComedy

Coming soon. On Remembrance Day in fact, so easy to remember.

Some remarkable comedians have been asked to come up with a set of “critical comedy” and/or to run interference in one way or another. Line up includes in no particular order:

David Woods
Tristan Haze
Marc Oszhka
Sofie Prints
Duuvy Jester
Tony Magnuson
Scott Horne
Sofia Chapman
William Wang
Sean Collier 
Kaileb Hyland
Becky Steepe
Kirk McKenzie
Kieran Butler
Coby Tahlia

Broadly, “critical comedy” is comedy  which promotes thought, which also makes it potentially troublesome and subversive. So our motto is “For comedy which sticks its neck out”. Like a giraffe.

Come and see. Bring a friend if you have one. We are charging ten dollars a day but will let you in if you are broke.

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