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Testing Grounds

Artificial Memory: A Twist of the Reality

Didi Chi & Yuzhen Cheng

Artificial Memory: A Twist of Reality is a collaborated art experimentation between a scientist and a curator, which explores the intersection between medical imaging production and lens-based practice. Drawing from both the scientific background of Dr Didi Chi, and the curatorial experience of Yuzhen Cheng, this art experiment proposes to process still and moving images from Didi’s personal archive, using the methodical algorithms of medical imaging production. By articulating the banal fragments of Didi’s memory through the illegible language of math, the potential outcome sheds lights on an invisible reality of daily life that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

The practice features a video, a collection of film photos, Polaroids, and artistic recreations of photography and medical images using the remarkable Fourier transform and other techniques. During the time at Testing Grounds, the duo will present a series of still and moving images and attempt to process/covert them into abstract artwork.The exhibition also offers interactive experiences, enabling visitors to submit their own portraits and then receive a new one in an artistic-scientific visual language. Through this interactive feature, visitors can explore the abstract presentations of graphical information in various domains, diversifying their understanding of the essence of reality.

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