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All That Has A Birth Has A Death

Fiz Eustance

Pick up the pool noodle and hit the work once.

Here, help me to transform these sculptures!

All that has a birth has a death is a series of seven paper-mache sculptures and seven corresponding pool-noodle-hitting-implements. This work explores cycles of birth/creation and death/destruction. Created predominately through reclaimed rubbish and materials sourced second-hand, waste products are given new life by being transformed into sculpture. And just as the artwork has given new life to what would otherwise have gone in the bin, the sculptures themselves will be transformed through their destruction and decay – actively participating in and bringing light to the continual cycle of birth and death that all phenomena exist within.

This work was originally instigated through an investigation of what unknown things may lie beneath our feet, both generally and at this site specifically. Living on the stolen land of First Nations people, we must acknowledge and do what we can to right the past (and present) violence embedded in our cities, towns and suburbs. According to the Old Melbourne Cemetery Information Collation Report, ‘7000 to 9000 individuals remain buried under the Queen Victoria Markets’ (2017). This includes Indigenous people, as well as settlers of different religions. The Public Art Park is located on the Episcopalian section of the cemetery.

The complex history of this site stirred within me an interest in life-cycles and how we must contend with being inextricable from these life cycles. The 7 sculptures nod to the individuals buried at this site, through their subterranean, bone-like forms. However, the sculptures are not representations of these individuals but an expression of what life cycles and the coexistence of birth and death might look like: through the material processes and visual references to insect eggs, bones, tree roots, and cocoons.

About The Artist:
Fiz Eustance is a sculptor/installation artist based on Naarm in Woiwurrung Wurundjeri country. Fiz’s creative practice is governed by play and a reciprocal relationship with site.

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