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Testing Grounds


Temitope Adesina

Signage provides a lens in which to see the city through, it helps us to understand what is, what isn’t, what is permissible, and what is outlawed, A curated efficient living, facilitated through passivity and familiarity. This proposal is interested in the agency and opportunity that introduced signage has to reference place; interrogating the somewhat invisible nature of the sign as a public form of wayfinding, beyond the physical. The recontextualised and up-cycled signage aims to curate narrative through intensifying and highlighting found site conditions; making a spectacle of familiar elements in the transient space we experience on a day-to-day basis.

About the Artist:
Through his work in photography and architecture, Tope has developed a keen interest in cultural, public, and spatial interventions. His recent work is primarily focused on the exploration of duality and the re-reading of context through curated adjacencies in the evolving social, political, and physical spaces which we move through. He continues to explore methods to facilitate commentary, negotiation, critique, and disruption to an otherwise transient public.

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