Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

Testing Grounds

The Pyramid was a major installation as part of Melbourne Design Week 2018 (15-25 March), raised to be both a platform and a provocation to (re)consider design, construction, public art and public space.

A collaboration between Testing Grounds, MDW, RMIT Interior Design, and Brickworks, an extensive case study of this unique project — from design, to building, to use, to decommission — can be found here



For particular projects, Testing Grounds develops case studies as an extension of the project archive, delving a little deeper into the process and thinking behind events, exhibitions, and residencies on site. The data collected includes interviews with the artists involved, the acquittal information submitted, artist and Testing Grounds documentation throughout the project(s), observation and anecdotal feedback. We gratefully acknowledge the involvement and enthusiasm of all the artists profiled in these case studies.


Testing Grounds is excited about the June 2018 announcement by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Creative Industries Minister Martin Foley regarding the future of Melbourne’s Arts Precinct – plans which have been spoken about ever since we established Testing Grounds at 1 City Road as a creative experiment. It is a bold vision that shows a commitment to the arts, research, and education, and promises the creative community the kinds of spaces and places they deserve.

Testing Grounds is proudly a temporary space for creative practices encompassing art, performance and design. Working with Creative Victoria, the Testing Grounds infrastructure is designed as a flexible system, with the intention to be relocated and reconfigured for other sites when the time comes to move on.

In the meantime, Testing Grounds is proud to continue to provide a place in the Arts Precinct for experimental art and design, as well as provide a supportive environment for emerging and independent creative practitioners to work, exhibit, and to develop their practice, and we invite everyone come along and check it out.

Testing Grounds has demonstrated the need and appetite for innovative exhibition and creative development space among Victoria’s independent creative industries sector, and we are extremely happy to see this embedded in the plans for the future of the precinct.

All are welcome to apply to use Testing Grounds, and please read our program methodology for more information.