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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

Testing Grounds

What You Need to Know

Testing Grounds x Fringe Festival
04.04.17 - 15.05.17
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Accepting EOI’s for Fringe projects until May 15.

Testing Grounds will curate a multi-disciplinary Fringe Festival (14th Sep-1st October) program of visual art, new media art, live-art, dance and performance projects that are site-responsive, take calculated risk and are experimental in their form. There will be no venue hire fees for all selected projects, and Testing Grounds does not take commissions for any tickets or artworks sold. EOIs are open now.

This program will provide free space for high quality and ambitious projects with a preference for projects that don’t necessarily fit in to the programs and frameworks offered by other key festival venues.

As a suggestion only, this might include projects that have the following characteristics.

  • Unusual in duration or temporal characteristics (once off, accumulative, endurance, extremely long or super short)
  • Cross-disciplinary (hybrid projects or collaborations with other disciplines)
  • Explore new and emerging models of creative practice (projects that don’t know where they sit in the festival guide categories or are considered experimental)
  • Performances that are not ticketed or are financially risky (that other venues are less willing to support)
  • Discursive and education projects (workshops, talks and forums)

The site will be open to the public with special performances and public art installations, food trucks, and a bar each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night until 10pm, as well as during the daytime.


Projects that address the following criteria will be considered.


Projects that can respond to the immediate physical conditions and context of the site and projects that can take advantage of the unique facilities and equipment and infrastructure.

Calculated risk:

Projects that use the free space and support provided by the Testing Grounds team to take risk. Risk can be conceptual, physical, material or financial. Failure is undertaken with full embracement and awareness of potential consequences.


Projects that understand that ‘experimental’ is best described by what its not- a defined or standard model of practice. Testing Grounds is a site for practice-led-research in to new and emerging models of creative practice.



Submit an EOI here.

Creative practitioners apply through the EOI portal on the Testing Grounds website and select ‘Fringe’ as reason for using Testing Grounds. Creative practitioners are selected by Testing Grounds for inclusion in the program and all decisions are final. All creative practitioners are notified of the outcome on May 20th 2017 at the absolute latest and should register their projects with Fringe Festival by May 29th 2017 listing Testing Grounds as their venue.

All creative practitioners are required to pay their own Festival registration fee; Testing Grounds will provide free space for all selected projects.